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Church of St George in about 1960

The first phase of the town centre development also included key office, public, and entertainment buildings around the shopping precinct, built from 1958 - 1962, including the Church of St Andrew and St George (originally Church of St George).

This is the largest parish church built since the Second World War in the UK. It was designed by the famous architects Seely and Paget, who were partners in business and life and now recognised as an important part of Britain’s LGBTQIA+ history.

Completed in 1960, the church’s design also shows the progression from the Festival Style toward Brutalism through the expression of its concrete frame. Concrete was creatively used to reinterpret traditional church features, such as pointed arches, flying buttresses, and a bell tower.

Just outside the church is Andrew Burton’s An Urban Elephant, installed in 1992, which symbolises Stevenage’s contribution to industry.