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The Council’s Planning Department recently received an application from Hill Residential Ltd (The Developer) to seek Prior Approval to demolish the Icon Building (Planning Reference: 22/00866/PADEMO).

In accordance with Government Regulations, the Council only has 28 days to make a decision. If the Council failed to make a decision within this timeframe, the developer would receive automatic approval. Furthermore, due to the limited timeframes to determine such application, it was dealt with under officers delegated powers. The Prior Approval was granted by the Council on 26 October 2022. Therefore, as confirmed by the developer, they will commence demolition of the site in November 2022 with demolition taking approximately 20 weeks. Following demolition of the building, the Council has been advised that the developer Hill Residential Ltd intend to commence construction of the approved residential development in Spring 2023.

Please visit the Hill Residential Ltd website for more information.

In terms of the regulations which deal with Prior Approvals for demolition of building, these are set out in the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 (as amended). Specifically, Schedule 2, Part 11, Part B deals with demolition of buildings. Further details on these regulations can be found on the Legislation website.

To view a copy of the Prior Approval application including supporting documentation, and the officers delegated report, please search our planning portal. When searching the Council’s Portal for the relevant application, you will need to use reference number 22/00866/PADEMO.

You can also view the original application including the Planning Appeal Decision for the redevelopment of Icon, by using planning reference number 19/00474/FPM.

For background information see 'Our response to the Icon decision' news article.