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Supplementary Planning Documents and Guidance

Document List for CD6

Application Document Drawing / Document Number or Date Scale Size Author
CD6.1 Parking Provision and Sustainable Transport Supplementary Planning Document October 2020  N/A  N/A  SBC 
CD6.2 Developer Contributions Supplementary Planning Document March 2021   N/A N/A  SBC 
CD6.3 The impact of development on Biodiversity  SPD March 2021  N/A  N/A  SBC 
CD6.4 Stevenage Design Guide Supplementary Planning Document 2009  N/A  N/A  SBC 
CD6.5 Hertfordshire Planning Obligations Toolkit 2008  N/A  N/A  HCC 
CD6.6 Old Town Conservation Area Management Plan SPD 2012  N/A  N/A  SBC 
CD6.7 Stevenage and North Hertfordshire Strategic Housing Market Assessment Vol 2 2016 N/A N/A SBC
CD6.8 Stevenage Central Town Centre Framework 2015 N/A N/A SBC
CD6.9 Stevenage Town Investment Plan Executive Summary 2020 N/A N/A SBC