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Additional/Amended Reports and/or Plans submitted after Validation

Document List for CD2

Application Document Drawing / Document Number or Date Scale Size Author
CD 2.1 Financial Viability Assessment Submitted 10 September 2019 N/A  A4  Kift Consulting Ltd 
CD 2.2 Drainage letter  Letter dated 16 Sept 2019 to LLFA   N/A  A4  PEP 
CD 2.2.1 Schematic Drainage Strategy 1 of 2  469017-PEP-00-XX-DR-C-1800 Rev P05   1:200  A0  PEP 
CD 2.2.2 Schematic Drainage Strategy 2 of 2  469017-PEP-00-XX-DR-C-1801 Rev P05  1:200  A0  PEP 
CD 2.2.3 Revised Flood Risk Assessment  460917-PEP-00-XX-RP-C-6201 Rev P06  N/A  A4  PEP 
CD 2.4 Response to landscape comments  2660-FN-01 APA comments  N/A  A4  Allen Pyke 
CD 2.4.1 Landscape Masterplan  2660-SK-04 Rev F submitted 11 February 2020   1:400  A1 Allen Pyke 
CD 2.5 Transport Technical note 3  TNHCC003 24 January 2020 N/A  A4  WSP 
CD 2.6 Email exchanges regarding S106 N/A  N/A  A4  Hill  
CD 2.7 Updated certificate B 11 February 2019 N/A A4 Savills
CD 2.8 Letter and Notice served on Eastern Power Networks 11 February 2019 N/A A4 Savills
CD 2.9 Letter and Notice served on Thames Water 11 February 2019 N/A A4 Savills
CD 2.10 Micro Drainage Report 13 September 2019 N/A A4 PEP