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Document List for CD12

Application Document Drawing / Document Number or Date Author
CD12.1 Guidelines for Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (GLVIA) Third Edition - not available online  2013 Landscape Institute and Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment
CD12.2 Visual Representation of Development Proposals Technical guidance Note 06  2019 Landscape Institute
CD12.3 National Design Guide - not available online 2019 Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government
CD12.4 National Design Guide 2021 Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government
CD12.5 A Design Wayfinder 2012 Design Council / CABE
CD12.6 Urban Design Compendium 2007 Llewelyn - Davies
CD12.7 Historic Environment Good Practice Advice in Planning (GPA), Note 2: Managing Significance in Decision-Taking in the Historic Environment 2015 Historic England
CD12.8 HE, Historic Environment GPA, Note 3: The Setting of Heritage Assets, Second Edition 2017 Historic England
CD12.9 HE, Historic Environment GPA, Note 4: Tall Buildings, 2015 and Second Edition Consultation Draft 2020 Historic England
CD12.10 HE Advice Note 1: Conservation Area Appraisal, Designation and Management 2019 Historic England
CD12.11 HE Advice Note 12: Statements of Heritage Significance: Analysing Significance in Heritage Assets 2019 Historic England
CD12.12 Townscape Character Assessment’ Technical Information Note TIN 05-2017 Latest Rev 2018 Landscape Institute