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Proposed Parking Scheme - Stevenage Old Town

Old Town Permit Parking to go ahead

It has been decided that these changes will go ahead. They will come into effect on 1 December 2020. We will be providing application details to residents around the end of October in order that permits/vouchers can be obtained before restrictions come into force.

Following the consultation we made some modifications to take into account residents’ concerns about the cost, particularly of having visitors, and gave those affected the change to make representations about them. Having considered the representations that were made, it was confirmed that the proposals should go ahead including those modifications.

The parking controls that will be put in place are:

  • “Permit parking only” for residents in Albert Street, Basils Road, Grove Road, Southend Close, Stanmore Road, the cul-de-sac of Church Lane, part of Walkern Road (from Church Lane up to but not including numbers 54 and 65) and Victoria Close, from 9.30am to 3pm, Monday to Friday;
  • Allowing an exception for permit holders in three hour limited waiting bays (7am-6.30pm, Mon-Sat) near (but not on) the High Street, and adding more of these bays in Church Lane, Drapers Way (reduced in extent after consultation), Primett Road and Walkern Road, and letting residents above shops etc. and in Inns Close have permits and visitor vouchers as otherwise the permit area would block them from what is currently their nearest uncontrolled parking;
  • New three hour limited waiting bays in Albert Street, Letchmore Road, Sish Lane and Stanmore Road;
  • Making disabled bays in the “permit parking only” streets enforceable;
  • Yellow lines across some entrances and in other locations to prevent obstruction.
Parking and Voucher costs
Permit Cost - Paper Permit Cost Virtual Permit
First Resident Parking Permit in household (annual/six month) £45/£28 £40/£24
Second Resident Parking Permit in household (annual/six month) £71/£41
(separate from 1st permit costs)
(separate from 1st permit costs)
Third Resident Parking Permit in household (annual/six month)

(separate from 1st and 2nd permit costs)

(separate from 1st and 2nd permit costs)
20 Resident’s Visitor Parking Vouchers £15 £10
Caring Visitor Parking Permit for social or medical care £0 per 24 months

No household is allowed more than three Resident Parking Permits

Further details of the controls can be found in the following documents:

Information on the surveys and consultations carried out by the Council can be found in the following documents:

Any person wishing to question the validity of any of these orders or any provision contained within them on the grounds that it is not within the powers conferred by the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 or on the grounds that any requirement of the Act or any instrument made under it has not been complied with in relation to that order, may apply to the High Court for this purpose within six weeks of the date on which the order was made, 17 September 2020.

This consultation closed on 14 February 2020

To help visitors to essential services and businesses in the area, the scheme includes Permit Parking from Monday to Saturday between 8.30am and 5.30pm in streets near the High Street and Limited Waiting parking bays.

The proposed Permit Parking Area would include Albert Street, Alleyns Road, Basils Road, Grove Road, Southend Close, Stanmore Road, Victoria Close, and part of Church Lane and Walkern Road. Disabled bays in these streets which are currently advisory “courtesy” bays would be made enforceable.

Residents of the streets affected would be able to buy parking permits and visitor vouchers, which would also be available to residents (but not businesses) of Baker Street, Bells Lane, Church Lane, Drapers Way, High Street (between James Way and Letchmore Road, excepting Howarde Court, Ireton Court and Townsend Mews ), Middle Row and Primett Road.

Proposals also include making parking bays in Church Lane “shared use”, keeping the time limit of 3 hours but giving an exception for residents and their visitors, and adding new shared use parking bays with the same rules in Church Lane, Drapers Way, Primett Road and Walkern Road. This is intended to both help residents on/close to the High Street to be able to park and support customer parking.

There would be limited waiting parking bays with a three hour limit and no exception for permit holders near the shops in Albert Street, near to the funeral directors in Letchmore Road, outside the surgery in Stanmore Road, and in the Sish Lane lay-by outside the church.

Yellow lines would be placed where needed between newly created parking bays, and in place of existing KEEP CLEAR markings along Church Lane, and on some junctions/bends.

The permit parking proposals would also allow the use of virtual parking permits and visitor vouchers in the existing Permit Parking Area in Burymead (Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5.30pm).

If the scheme goes ahead each street will be patrolled a minimum of twice a day, Monday to Saturday, a level of enforcement that experience shows should be effective in ensuring the restrictions would be respected, and this would be increased if needed. Additional attention would be paid to the area when the restrictions first went in, to help them to “bed in”.

The difference in prices between Zone B (Burymead) and Zone OT (Old Town) is because the Old Town zone would be in force six days a week and Burymead is only in force for five days a week.

Parking Permit Costs
Fee for: Permit area identifier(s) PAIs Cost of paper parking permit/Visitor Voucher per year Cost of Virtual Parking Permit/Visitor Voucher per year
Resident Parking Permit for first vehicle at the address B £56 £52
Resident Parking Permit for first vehicle at the address OT £60 £56
Resident Parking Permit for second vehicle at the address B £82 £78
Resident Parking Permit for second vehicle at the address OT £86 £82
Resident Parking Permit for third vehicle at the address B £108 £104
Resident Parking Permit for third vehicle at the address OT £120 £114
Resident Parking Permit for fourth vehicle at the address (where permitted) B £134 £130
Set of 20 Resident's Visitor Parking vouchers All PAIs £20
Caring Visitor Parking Permit All PAIs £0 for 24 months
Special Parking Permit All PAIs Charged at the Council's discretion
Administration of permit transfers, duplicate permits and refunds All PAIs £10

For further details, please see the following documents