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The purpose of a Resident Parking Permit (RPP) is to allow you to park your vehicle, which is permanently kept at your address, in the street (this may include work vehicles supplied to you by your employer).

An RPP can only be issued to a person who lives in the street, and relates specifically to a vehicle that they have shown is theirs and they keep there.

RPPs must only be used for the purpose of parking such a vehicle. An RPP indicates the registration number of the vehicle it relates to and can only be used in that vehicle: if placed in another vehicle it is not valid and if parked in the parking permit area (PPA) during controlled hours that vehicle would be liable to receive a Penalty Charge Notice.

An RPP will not be issued to any vehicle with a Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM or “revenue weight”) of more than 3,500 KG or which seats 12 or more passengers.

To apply for an RPP, in order to prevent fraud and ensure only genuine residents are able to obtain a permit, when applying evidence of eligibility will be required as detailed in table below.

Evidence needed to apply for a Resident Parking Permit
Proof of Residence Proof the Vehicle Pertains to the Address

You must supply a copy of one of the following showing that you live at the

  • full UK driving licence; or
  • the current year’s Council Tax Bill; or
  • a utility bill (water/ electricity/ gas/ landline telephone) less than three months old; or
  • a bank statement less than three months old; or
  • a current tenancy agreement signed by all parties dated within the last four weeks; or
  • documents from your solicitor or mortgage company confirming you have completed purchase of the property within the last four weeks.

You must supply a copy of:

  • the complete V5C logbook showing the vehicle is registered at the address; or
  • if the vehicle is newly purchased (within the last four weeks) and the V5C is not held:
    - an insurance certificate for the vehicle detailing that it is kept at the address, and
    - part 10 of the old V5C (“New keeper’s details”); or
  • in the case of a motability or lease car, the motability or hire/lease agreement for the vehicle; or
    • in the case of a company car, a letter from your employer on headed paper confirming that it is owned/leased by the company and that you are the sole keeper of the vehicle.
Permit Cost
Permit Cost
(per year)
First Resident Parking Permit in household £56
Second Resident Parking Permit in household £82
Third Resident Parking Permit in household £108
Fourth Resident Parking Permit in household £134

You can apply for your parking permit(s) online.

Apply for a parking permit - opens new window

Once received, it may take up to two weeks to process an application.

Upon receipt of a new application, a virtual dispensation will be issued allowing the vehicle to park in the PPA from the next working day while the application is determined (unless it is obvious immediately upon receipt that the application will be unsuccessful, in which case you will be notified at once and will not be allowed to park). During this period there is no requirement to display a residents parking permit.

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