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Free meals for school children during half term

The council will be giving out free meals to children during the October half term (26 - 30 October)

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A “permit parking only” restriction applies to all on street parking in Burymead from Monday to Friday, between 8.30am and 5.30pm, excluding Bank Holidays.

During the hours of operation, no motor vehicle may be parked within the Permit Parking Area (PPA) unless it:

  • displays a Resident Parking Permit, Caring Visitor Parking Permit, or Resident’s Visitor Parking Voucher that is valid on that day; or
  • displays a Council Parking Permit while being used in the service of the Borough Council; or
  • is actively loading or unloading goods to or from a property within the street; or
  • is a motorcycle, moped or mobility scooter; or
  • is subject to another required exemption (vehicles undertaking highway works, statutory undertakers for utilities, the Royal Mail, Blue Badge holders for up to three hours, etc.).

Outside of the hours of operation these restrictions do not apply.

Enforcement against parking on yellow lines and across lowered kerbs is not changed by the PPA. Parking on the verge or footway is also prohibited at all times.

Any vehicle parked in contravention of these terms will be liable to receive a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), also known as a parking ticket. The PPA is patrolled daily by the Council’s Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) to ensure compliance.

The costs of Resident Parking Permits, Caring Visitor Parking Permits, and sets of Resident’s Visitor Parking Vouchers, is listed in table below

Permits and Charges
Type of Permit Cost
(per year)
First Resident Parking Permit in household £56
Second Resident Parking Permit in household £82
Third Resident Parking Permit in household £108
Fourth Resident Parking Permit in household £134
Set of 20 Resident’s Visitor Parking Vouchers £20
Caring Visitor Parking Permit for social or medical care £15
(per 24 months)
Administration fee for transfer of a Resident Parking Permit to a new vehicle £10
Administration fee for transfer of all permits within a household to a new address within the PPA £10
Administration fee for refund of remaining full months in which a Resident Parking Permit is valid £10

No household is allowed more than four Resident Parking Permits.

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