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Stevenage celebrates Global Entrepreneurship Week (8-12 November 2021)

This week it’s Global Entrepreneurship Week - inspiring people to reveal their potential as self-starters and innovators, with Stevenage Borough Council encouraging them to explore new possibilities and exciting opportunities.

Over the last 18 months, many businesses have already successfully adapted business models and diversified into new markets to survive the pandemic. As part of that journey to support new and better ways of doing things, Stevenage Borough Council wants to support the business community and would be entrepreneurs get the help they need at every stage of their entrepreneurial journey.

In celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), Stevenage Borough Council wants to help you on your entrepreneurial journey to unleash your talent and turn your ideas into reality. With complete access to support available from the full ‘eco-system’ – a support system including advice, guidance and access to markets, networks, tools, training and finance to grow a business which can be found below.

#GEW Education

Providing businesses and budding entrepreneurs with information, tools and training to foster creativity to create sustainable businesses. Wenta access to free training workshops and events to start or grow your business.

Skills Support for the Workforce – Fully funded training to upskill SME employees across Herts.

#GEW Ecosystems

Inspiring businesses to collaborate, share networks, knowledge and markets to help rising start-ups thrive.

#GEW Inclusion

Supporting start-up champions to remove barriers to entrepreneurship irrespective of age, race, gender and celebrating diversity in all its forms, including women and youth in entrepreneurship. Generation start-up – Support for young people 18-24 to start enterprising.

#GEW Policy

Removing regulatory environmental barriers to help businesses flourish.


As part of #GEW2021, we would like to encourage all businesses to celebrate their entrepreneurial spirit and share their “Aha” moment on Twitter with the global community using the hashtags, #GEW2021 and #IAmAnEntrepreneur by recording a short video by answering the below questions:

  • What made you want to become an entrepreneur?
  • Was there a specific “Aha” moment that catapulted your career into entrepreneurship?
  • When did you realise you were an entrepreneur?

Keep the video 30-40 seconds long:

Start your video with stating “I realised I was an entrepreneur when……”

End your video “My name is…..” and then say “I am an entrepreneur”.

There is also a women’s GEW event happening on Wednesday 10 November (12pm to 2pm) ‘Women in Business Networking Lunch’ - Cromwell Hotel , High Street Stevenage.