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The council is undergoing a process of renewal and regeneration. As part of this, the area around the Railway Station bounded by the railway tracks and Lytton Way has been identified as a key site for new development and change. This key gateway for the town has the potential for significant transformation, based on its well-connected position only 20 minutes from King’s Cross in London. The development will form a key part of the regeneration of the Town Centre.

After reviewing Stevenage’s Local Plan during the Holding Direction in 2019, the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) asked Stevenage Borough Council to prepare an Area Action Plan for Stevenage Station Gateway Area (identified in the Local Plan as Site TC4). This is a limited area within the wider Stevenage Central area.

An Area Action Plan (AAP), is a type of Development Plan Document (DPD) providing a planning framework for a specific area of opportunity, change or conservation. AAPs give a geographic or spatial dimension and focus for the implementation of policies for that area.

The council in conjunction with consultancy David Lock Associates, has produced an emerging AAP for the Stevenage Station Gateway area, titled the “Stevenage Connection Area Action Plan: Issues and Options Report”. This will eventually become part of the overall Development Plan for Stevenage, and will be required to be subject to statutory consultation and examination by the Secretary of State.

This Issues and Options report is the first stage in the process of producing an AAP for the Railway Station area. It outlines the key issues that affect the area identified as site TC4 in the Stevenage Borough Local Plan. This is an early stage of the preparation and initial high level enhancements, scenarios and options that focus on mobility are presented for feedback from targeted stakeholders.

The next steps for this programme include to engage widely with businesses, residents and other stakeholder groups. This Issues and Options Report contains key concepts at this early stage and does not suggest specific proposals for the Railway Station or Lytton Way.

This consultation will provide a great opportunity for the public and key stakeholders to engage and shape this area. It will also act as a catalyst for developers interested in supporting this key part of the Stevenage Borough Local Plan.

Cllr John Garner, Executive Member for the Environment and Regeneration for Stevenage Borough Council said, “I am pleased to announce the Stevenage Connections Area Action Plan and launch the consultation. As a council, we are keen to engage with residents and understand the views and suggestions or the public. It is important that everyone takes the opportunity to comment and help us with our plans to Transform the Town Centre.”

Consultation runs from 12 July to 5 September 2021. Have your say on the Council’s consultation portal or e-mail your thoughts to the Planning Policy Team at

For press enquiries contact Corporate Communications on 01438 242168.