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Yellow warning of rain and wind

The Met Office has issued a weather warning for tonight going through to Thursday that there could be gusting wind and heavy rain which may lead to disruption and flooding in some places.

See our severe weather page to see what you should do in an emergency

If your business has been mandated to close because we are currently in Tier 4 and have previously received an LRSG closed grant, we will be arranging to pay you a further grant in the new year without the need for a further application. This only applies to Tier 4.

If you have not already claimed your LRSG closed Addendum grant for the period 5 November to 1 December, please complete an application now, but only if you were mandated to close.

Apply for the Local Restrictions Support Grant - opens new window

If you have applied for any other Covid-19 grants, we will notify you as soon as possible as to whether or not you qualify.

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