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Give us your views on next generation EV charging infrastructure for Stevenage

Residents and visitors to Stevenage could soon be able to join the electric vehicle (EV) revolution with the confidence of a next-generation charging infrastructure accessible to everyone from tower block residents and those without driveways.

With the exponential growth of electric vehicles amid the climate emergency and our move away from costly and damaging fossil fuels, we know many residents need to be confident of a supporting, accessible charging infrastructure.

We recognise the important contribution that the transition to electric vehicles makes to limiting climate change and improving local air quality, particularly amid our work to get to net zero emissions in Stevenage by 2030.

Stevenage Borough Council is keen to play its part, alongside the private sector, by making EV charging accessible to all across the town. This is intended as an early stage measure of evolution of the charging infrastructure as a whole as the country works towards the end of sales of fossil fuelled cars in 2030.

The council currently has electric vehicle charge points (EVCPs) available to the public on Swingate, St George’s multi-storey car park, The Forum car park and one in Primett Road car park.

Each EVCP serves two parking spaces. The council plans to double the number of EVCPs in the town centre car parks in the Spring, bringing the total number of council chargers to nine. However, so that we can reach a greater number of potential EV drivers across Stevenage, we are now proposing to install further chargers in car parks across the town at seven neighbourhood centres and one park.

These facilities are intended to provide a charging opportunity for local residents and businesses which may not have a driveway where they could charge an EV. Increasingly, they will also serve visitors coming to visit friends and family in Stevenage.

Councillor John Gardner, Executive Member for Environment and Regeneration at Stevenage Borough Council said: “Making a transition to electric vehicles forms an important part of Stevenage’s climate change strategy to get to our goal of net zero emissions by 2030.”

I’d like to encourage residents, businesses and visitors to give us your views on these potential locations for new EV chargers so they meet the needs of all who plan to transition to electric vehicles as we prepare for the end of sale of fossil-fuelled cars in 2030.”

A charging infrastructure at neighbourhood shops will help to attract customers to support those businesses. Initial feasibility studies have shown that there is not the space or the necessary power cables in all neighbourhood centre car parks, but the following sites have been identified as being viable:

  • Bedwell shops
  • Archer Road
  • Oaks Cross
  • The Glebe
  • Filey Close shops
  • The Hyde
  • Canterbury Way
  • St Nicholas Park pavilion

To move ahead with this project, we will need to bid to the Department for Transport's Office for Zero Emission Vehicles for funding so the outcome cannot be guaranteed. However, the council would like to find out what you think first.

We invite you to have your say by completing the online survey.