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Story of Stevenage in 100 objects

Stevenage Museum launches its ‘story of Stevenage in 100 objects’ project.

Residents are invited to share their favourite objects from Stevenage’s history.

The museum will be open by appointment for residents to visit – with social distancing guidelines being adhered to at all times – to choose their object, with items ranging from a stuffed fox to Roman coins uncovered in Chells to a dead rat that would have been stuffed with explosives during the Second World War. They will then need to explain why they have they chosen their item and why it is important to Stevenage’s history.

You can also bring in your favourite items from home. A filmmaker will be on hand to record stories and film the objects; but for anyone who is shy, a voice recording can be done, or local students are available to read words if anyone would rather just put it in writing. The top 100 items chosen will be published online through the summer and autumn.

If you’ve got a favourite object or a story to share, the museum would love to hear from you. You can phone 01438 218881 or email to get in touch.

Stevenage Museum

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