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Why you should think about walking

Health walks are an ideal way of taking exercise and are suitable for all ages and abilities. As well as being a way to increase your social confidence with others; walks strengthen your heart, muscles and bones.

We recommend that you start slowly and always walk at a pace you are comfortable with; you should still be able to chat to the person next to you. Brisk walking brings the most benefits as you will feel a little warmer and breathing will become a little harder.

Your health

Current medical advice suggests you should aim to take moderate exercise for 30 minutes at least 5 times a week. If you are in any doubt about joining a health walk, contact your doctor and talk to the walk leaders about our specific needs at your first walk.

Take the first step

Stevenage Health Walks organise a social walk usually taking place on the last Thursday of each month. These social walks are longer and start from a variety of locations.

For more information about Stevenage Health Walks, contact Gerrard Aldrich on 07887 652192, Lorna Wormald on 01438 242936 or email the Sport & Leisure Team