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Stevenage Cycling Festival is an annual cycling event held in the heart of the town.

Virtual Cycling

Stevenage Cycling Festival is an annual cycling event held in the heart of Stevenage.

There are a range of fun opportunities that the whole family can enjoy. Most of the activities are aimed at beginners and families, but there are also opportunities for budding cyclists.

Stevenage Virtual Cycling Festival will take place from Monday 24 - Friday 29 August, with virtual and socially distanced rides taking place throughout the week.

See our Events for led rides. Social distancing will be observed.

Heritage Cycling Trail

Virtual Rides

Stevenage Cycling Festival Map (Red Route)

This route starts between the swimming pool and King George IV playing fields, goes along Grace Way, Martins Way, down towards Corey's Mill and then along some lovely green routes to Fishers Green and Symonds Green before returning to the start.

Stevenage Cycling Festival Map (Blue Route)

This route ride through starts at the crossing point of Oaks Cross in Broadwater. It takes the old Shephall Lane towards Ridlins Mere nature reserve, along past Ridlins Stadium, through Poplars, and then along Six Hills Way towards Fairlands Valley Park, it turns south through the Showground down the hill behind the Lamex Stadium before meandering back along the old Shephall Lane back to the start on Oaks Cross.

Stevenage Cycling Festival Map (Green Route)

The first of the 2 Parks routes. This one takes you from Fairlands Valley Park to St Nicholas Park. It shows you a simple route (that does include some quiet road riding) between the two parks and a nice cycleway circuit on the return journey.

Stevenage to Knebworth village and back

Here the route starts at the Oaks Cross Cycleway crossing point and heads down Oaks Cross through Broadwater down to the Hertford Road and then picks up a delightful Bridleway across the fields to finishing by using a residential road and a short stretch of the main road into Knebworth. The return journey heads along the lane towards the Crematorium at Harwood Park, before picking up another bridleway to return to Hertford Road and back up (the easy way) the hill to the top of Oaks cross once more.

Cycling Groups

Cycling UK

Led Rides, Facebook Live Sessions, Ride Videos.

Cycling UK Stevenage organises more than 200 local rides every year. The level of rides range from beginner, intermediate and social so there will be a ride for you.

HSBC UK Breeze

Led bike rides for women. British Cycling’s programme for getting more women cycling. The level of rides range from beginner to intermediate.

Tyco Cycling

Led Social Rides. Tyco Cycling are a small friendly group who cycle on Saturday mornings. The level of rides is intermediate.

Stevenage Cycle Club

  • Social Rides
  • Sportives
  • Racing
  • Training Rides
  • Training tips and advice

Stevenage Cycle Club offer cyclists warm welcome, regular training rides and lots of help and advice from members with years of experience. The level of rides range from social, intermediate and competitive.

Membership profile contains a broad range of ages from youngsters to veterans. If you are looking for a more challenging ride and perhaps considering sportives or racing, Stevenage Cycling Club might be right for you.

Reclaim Our Routes for Active Travel

Campaigning for cycling and walking.