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With our roads now busier than ever, it's important to stay safe while cycling.


  • wear a helmet
  • wear bright or fluorescent clothing during the day
  • wear reflective clothing and use lights at night and in poor visibility
  • fit an audible warning
  • ride in single file on narrow or busy roads


  • ride under the influence of drink or drugs
  • carry anything that will affect your balance or may become tangled in your wheels or chain
  • ride close behind another vehicle
  • ride on the pavement unless signs show it is a shared cycle and pedestrian route

On cycleways

You can report a fault on the road or pavement with Herts County Council. If you see glass or perhaps even a pothole, you can report it to our Street Scene and Amenities team who will take action and clear the area. 

Report litter or broken glass on cycleways - opens new window


  • Be considerate of other users, especially pedestrians.
  • When riding on a shared path, keep to your side.
  • Do not ride too fast near pedestrians.
  • Be aware that mopeds are permitted to use the separated cycleway system.


  • When walking on a shared path, keep to your side.
  • Be aware that cyclists may approach quietly.
  • Please keep young children and dogs under control for their own safety.
  • Keep to the footway where this is separate from the cycleway system, as mopeds are permitted to use the separated cycleway system.


  • Moped riders are permitted to use cycle routes coloured purple on this map.
  • Mopeds older than 3 years must have an MOT Test Certificate.
  • Mopeds share the cycle routes with cyclists and pedestrians, so moped riders must ride with due care and attention and not ride recklessly or at excessive speed or in an aggressive manner.

Advice for motorists

  • Keep within the speed limit and slow down for cyclists
  • When overtaking allow cyclists at least a metre of space. They may have to avoid hazards, such as drains or potholes that you may not see
  • At night, use dipped headlights when approaching cyclists
  • When turning left always use your indicator and watch out for cyclists coming up on your near side
  • In wet weather, allow cyclists extra room, as surfaces will be wet and slippery.