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We have started to install Cycle Hangars around the town.

Cycle Hangars, which are lockable, are sheltered storage pods for up to six bicycles. They have gas-assisted struts to allow for easy opening by users of all abilities and stands to hold bicycles upright and hoops to lock them to.

Bike placed in hangar

Living in a flat or small house with little or no space to safely store a bike can be a significant barrier to cycling. Cycle Hangars are intended to address this, so that everyone can take advantage of the benefits cycling offers, in reduced transport costs and improved health for the individual and improved air quality and reduced healthcare costs for society as a whole.

If you’ve spotted a Cycle Hangar and would like a space to park your bike in it, please note the number on the door, download an application, fill it in and send it to the address on the form. If there are no spaces we’ll offer you a place on the waiting list, or a space in another Hangar nearby, if there is one available. If the waiting list is long enough, we may look into installing another Hangar in the area.

If there are no Cycle Hangars in your area and you would like one to be installed that you could use, make a request using the suggestion form (available below) and we’ll log it – and once there’s enough demand nearby we’ll look into putting one in.