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We cater for children and young people resident in Stevenage aged between 5 to 12 years.

How much does it cost?

Our sessions are free but we do charge a nominal fee for cooking, tuck shop, badge making and barbecues.

Closed access play sessions

We aim to keep children safe at the same time as providing challenges through closed access multi skilled activities; adventurous, risky play and creative sessions.

Closed access sessions, means we can only supervise children and young people while they are on site and participating in the activities. Children have the freedom of choice as to what range of play activity they wish to undertake and with whom they play. If children do not want to stay, parent/carers will be contacted to collect their child or give permission for their child to leave the play centre.


Play staff at each play centre, holiday play scheme or events provide supervision and support for children playing at the setting or taking part in organised offsite activities, however, continuous supervision cannot be guaranteed.

Under The Children Act 2006 parents retain responsibility for their children when they attend the scheme. We strongly advise that you take every precaution to ensure your child’s well-being and know of their whereabouts.

Please remember that play staff are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of all children on site. The staff will make informed decisions regarding safety and behavioural management. If you have any issues or concerns regarding another child’s behaviour whilst on the play site please inform play staff so they can investigate and resolve the problem for you.