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Fairlands Valley Park consists of 120 acres of parkland situated within the heart of Stevenage.

Plans for the park

Keeping in mind the park's history and heritage and considering future ambitions for sustainability and preservation of this vast green space and wildlife; the five year management plan looks to meet these and many other objectives.

Our lakes

Built in the early 1970's, the park has over 20 acres of open water across four linked lakes. The four linked lakes are the Balancing Pond, the Environment Lake, the Millennium Lake and the Main Lake.

Millennium Lake

This lake is used primarily for model boat activities. The lake also provides viewing platforms for visitors wishing to watch the boating activities or for those that want to feed the wildfowl.

The island to this lake is a breeding area, providing nesting grounds for wildfowl.

Main Lake

The Main Lake is used for a wide range of outdoor activities including fishing, sailing, wind surfing, kayaking, power boating, and dragon boat racing.

Balancing Pond

The Balancing Pond is the first in the chain of the Fairlands Valley Lake. The pond is fed by water from the storm drain network and only resembles a pond after substantial rainfall.

For maximum capacity at all times, the pond is cleared every five years.

Environment Lake

Marginals, native planting, trees and log piles provide attractive habitats suitable for a wide range of wildlife such as wildfowl, raptors, amphibians, insects, squirrels and foxes.

Relining of the lake allowed the islands to be reshaped, providing secure habitats. A new boardwalk constructed from recycled plastic was installed in 2008 and provides a safe opportunity for visitors to be at the heart of this wildlife haven.

Aqua Park

The Aqua Play area contains equipment which sprays, squirts, mists or sheets water into the play area, giving a fun play for youngsters in a safe and interactive environment. The design allows for features and games to be scaled up or down according to the ages of the children who are playing.

The area includes a refreshment kiosk and public toilets.

Play Area

The play area is situated immediately adjacent to the water park, providing varied play opportunities for all ages from toddlers through to teenagers.

Millennium Wood

In November 1999, 2000 local school children planted 2000 native trees to commemorate the new millennium.

The Great Green Bush Cricket (Tettigomia viridissima), was introduced to the site and has now successfully colonised the area. After successfully managing the site for over twenty years, over one hundred of these crickets can be found, and during June and July their mating call can be heard.

Many years ago the Great Green Bush Cricket could have been found at over a hundred sites around Hertfordshire, but unfortunately only this site now remains. In partnership with us, the site is now managed and maintained by The Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust.

The South Field and Showground

The South Field is the more naturalised area of the Park, providing links to three conservation areas.

Shackledell Grassland and the Millennium Wood are situated within the South Field and Whomerley Wood runs immediately adjacent to the western boundary of the South Field.

Getting to the park

There is good access to the whole park for all visitors, be they pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, or those using public transport.

Vehicular access is possible from Broadhall Way, Six Hills Way and Shephall View and Fairlands Way, with car parking facilities at all four entrances.

Pedestrian access is possible from 11 points around the periphery of the whole park. There is also pedestrian access for those wishing to take in both the north and south sections of the park via two underpasses in Six Hills Way

The Park also contains two sections of cycle track (one north/south the other east/west) within the northern section.

The residential areas bordering the park benefit from a bus service that provides excellent access to those who rely on public transport.

Fairlands Valley Park

Fairlands Valley Park
Six Hills Way

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