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Yellow warning of rain and wind

The Met Office has issued a weather warning for tonight going through to Thursday that there could be gusting wind and heavy rain which may lead to disruption and flooding in some places.

See our severe weather page to see what you should do in an emergency

Strategic Fit

The Healthy Stevenage Strategy (2018-2022) is linked to other key drivers for change including the following district and county strategies.

Terms of Reference 2020

The Healthy Stevenage Partnership Terms of Reference should be reviewed every two years. This newly revised Terms of Reference replaces any previously issued versions until the next review in 2022 when the Healthy Stevenage Strategy 2018-2022 is due for review.


The Healthy Stevenage Partnership reports to Stevenage Together, Future Town Future Council Board, Stevenage ICDB, Public Health Board and Stevenage Borough Council.

The Healthy Stevenage Partnership will be accountable for the funding it handles (where applicable), and the decisions made at meetings through written records.

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