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Solar Together Hertfordshire is an innovative new scheme offering high-quality solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and battery storage.

We’ve been working with the Hertfordshire Climate Change and Sustainability Partnership (HCCSP) to launch Solar Together across Hertfordshire.

By working collaboratively and developing this buying scheme with others it helps to ensure you can install high-quality, roof-mounted solar panels at a competitive price.

You can also choose to fit a domestic battery system to store surplus electricity generated by the solar panels and use it when it’s needed.

By generating electricity from the sun, you could reduce your annual carbon emissions by approximately one tonne each year helping Hertfordshire to become carbon neutral.

We are part of Solar Together Hertfordshire in conjunction with iChoosr, who work with skilled and accredited installers that offer customers a competitive price by taking advantage of economies of scale.

Installers fit the systems according to the standards of workmanship agreed between iChoosr and local councils.

Planning permission

In most cases, solar PV installations are considered a 'permitted development' and will generally not require planning permission. However, in some instances, planning permission may be required, so it's worthwhile getting in touch without Planning Team if you're unsure.


Registration for the scheme is free and there's no obligation to go ahead once you receive your personal recommendation.

Register for the Solar Together scheme - opens new windowExternal Link - opens in a new windowInfo graphic about the achievements of the scheme since November 2021

Up to November 2021 there have been

  • 20 Schemes
  • 122,500 registrations
  • Over 17MW solar power installed
  • Over 5,900 installations
  • Over 65,600 panels installed
  • Over 108,200 tonnes in CO2 reduction
  • £32.8 million private investment
  • 20-35% savings against the market average

Climate Change

In a pledge to become Carbon Neutral by 2030, along with lots of other councils, you can see an overview around climate in Stevenage, along with other local plans in place to help tackle this major issue and improve sustainability in years to come.

Find more information about our pledge