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Avoid water damage

Over half of all insurance claims arise from damage to water overflows or cracked pipes.

To avoid unnecessary water damage:

  • Make sure you know where the stopcock is and that it works.
  • When you leave your home for any length of time in the winter months (for example to go on holiday), turn off the water system and drain, unless you are leaving the central heating on.
  • Check radiators and pipes regularly for signs of damage.
  • Lag any exposed water pipes and tanks (for example in a roof space).
  • Do not insulate under a water tank, as this may cause the water to freeze.
  • Should your pipework show signs of freezing, thaw out slowly without using a blow lamp or other naked flame.

If you discover evidence of water damage in your home, please call Aspen Insurance on 0800 358 0172 without delay; your claim may not be accepted if you don't.