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The way your home should be left when you leave

The Leaving Standard

On this page, we will tell you the standard we expect you to leave your home in when you end your tenancy. There is also advice given on the back of the ‘Ending your Tenancy’ form. If you have any questions about the standard, please contact your tenancy advisor on 01438 242666 or email

Leaving your home in an unsatisfactory condition

If you leave incomplete any work that you are responsible for doing (repairing damage and clearing away rubbish, for example) we will do it and charge the cost to you. If you have reported any outstanding repairs that are our responsibility to fix, we will do this before someone else moves in, and we won’t charge for these repairs.

If you fail to pay these recharges, we will take legal action against you to recover payment. If you continue to owe us money after you leave, future landlords may refuse to rehouse you.

We will not usually allow our council tenants to transfer until their home is brought up to an acceptable standard.