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Amber Warning of Snow for tomorrow in the East of England

There is an increased risk of snow in Stevenage tomorrow.

See our severe weather page for information and advice if you need help

Current Fire Evacuation Policy

In common with all landlords of purpose built blocks we follow the advice of the Fire Service. The 'Stay Put' policy is recognised to be current best practice.

The stay put policy states that it is safest for residents to stay in their homes unless immediately affected by the fire. In the event of a fire and only if it’s safe to do so escape using the stairs not the lift.

The policy reflects the following principles:

  • Not putting people at risk by asking them to leave a place of relative safety and attempt escape through an area that could be dangerous.
  • Reducing the risk of confusion, panic or alarm.
  • Not hindering or obstructing the ability of fire-fighters to tackle a blaze.
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