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More funding has been made available for fence repairs this year. If you have put in a repair request, we will contact you as soon as possible to advise you of the timeframes as to when we expect to be working in your area.

Due to the number of repairs required we still need to prioritise the works that are carried out to ensure that residents remain safe. We are continuing to assess the most recent reports, and are undertaking repairs accordingly, but it will take some time to work our way through these and we are grateful for customers understanding during this period.

We know the delay will be very frustrating for you. If you choose to put up your own fencing within the boundary of your home, we do still need to give written permission just like for other housing alterations. Further information is available on our website consent for alteration or improvement procedure.

Why did the council get behind on fence repairs?

During the pandemic we had to focus our limited resources onto essential and urgent works, to reduce the risk of spreading COVID between our residents and our staff, and this has led to some pent up demand across a range of services, including fencing.

A consequence of the pandemic was also a global shortage of a range of construction materials including wooden products such as fencing. More recently, in February the country experienced the effects of two major storms; Dudley and Eunice, and these added an additional 500+ fencing issues to the backlog, and some of the recent fencing damage has had to be prioritised resulting in delays to others. These factors combined have resulted in significant pressures on the Council’s Repairs Service