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Basic rent

Your basic rent is the amount you pay us each week to manage and repair your home. The amount varies from property to property.

Your basic rent will be set out in your tenancy agreement. If your rent increases, we will tell you in writing at least 28 days before the increase starts. We will also send you a rent statement in April and regular statements if you are in arrears.

As well as your basic rent, we also charge you separately for certain other services we provide, these are Service Charges.

How rent levels are set

The Government wants all social landlords in the same area to charge similar rent for similar properties. To make this happen, they created a formula to calculate rent based on; the value of the property, the number of bedrooms and the area's average earnings.

We are working towards bringing our rents into line with this formula. In practice, this means that your rent is going up by slightly more than the rate of inflation taken at the September of the previous year.