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Changes to your rent charges from 4 April 2022

This year your basic rent will be increased by Consumer Price Index (CPI) as at 01 September 2021 + 1%. We fully understand that any increase to your rent will not be good news as these are unpreceded times with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on households.

We have carefully considered the rent increase and we believe that in order to deliver our commitments as set out in the Corporate Plan we need to maximise the money we receive from rents and apply the increase of CPI (3.1) +1%. If we keep your rent as it is, we are unable to deliver our commitments and would have to make some tough choices such as build less properties or not build at all or to invest less and to do less in your neighbourhoods. We have ambitions to protect our assets and neighbourhoods and to plan for future generations of your families who choose to live in Stevenage and our homes.

There may be an increase to your service charges and water charges unless you have a water meter. The water charge increase is calculated by the water company and sent to us each year in February.

Service charges may increase but the same formula of CPI (3.1) +1% will not apply. We set service charges in line with our Rent and Service charge setting policy. The policy states that we will set charges appropriately to cover the cost of providing the service to you.

The council letter notifying you of the changes to your rent amount will provide you with a detailed breakdown of any service or water charges and shows you the total amount due for your home.