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Why are you doing the works now?

The Asset Management team here at Stevenage Borough Council (SBC) has identified the need to refurbish 24 existing lift systems in our housing blocks and carry out maintenance of 44 lift systems across the borough. This is because the existing lift systems are nearing the end of their productive, integrity, efficiency lifespan and require either replacement or maintenance.

What works will be carried out on the lift?

The present lift is coming to the end of its productive shelf life and requires a full replacement and/or maintenance works. The new lift is designed for vandal resistance and will comply with the British Standard requirements (EN81-71:2005). This will include ensuring the lift is disability friendly, in line with the Equality Act 2010 (Part 2, Section A, A1).

The following is a list of works to be carried out:

  • Replacement of hydraulic hoses.
  • Overhaul of car, landing doors and associated finishes.
  • Replacement of car and landing pushes and signals.
  • Disability access works.
  • Safe Working on Lifts (British Standard 7255) including lighting.
  • Lift upgrades for existing lifts (British Standard EN 81-80).
  • Minor associated electrical works.

When will work be carried out in my block?

Working alongside our chosen contractor, Essex Lift Services Ltd, we have developed a schedule and plan to deliver the programme over a 5 year period. The lift works are currently scheduled to take 12 weeks.

Please note that a detailed survey of your block will be completed before the works begin. Further details and information will be provided to you through resident meetings and or written correspondence. There will also be posters and signage within the communal areas of your block.

How will the lift service be affected?

As there is only a single lift in the building, you will have a period of 12 weeks when the lift will be out of service for the refurbishment works. The lift will be reinstated and in full use in the evenings. For the final 4 weeks of the project the lift will be fully out of service. SBC will be providing a porter service for residents who struggle to use the stairs. The porter will be able to help with items such as washing, shopping and rubbish.

How did you select the contractor?

The contract for these works was awarded through a competitive tendering process, where prospective contractors were invited to bid for the contract. The submissions were evaluated by a panel of SBC staff and independent consultants on the basis of quality and cost.

How will contractors access the building during works?

All contractors will be allowed access for the duration of the works and will be provided with a fob (if required), to get in and out of the building. There will be one operative for most of the time and occasionally two operatives when the work requires it. All operatives will wear a company uniform and have an ID badge.

At what time of day will the work be carried out?

Work to the lift will be carried out Monday to Friday (and possibly at weekends), between the hours of approximately 9.30am and 3.00pm, with loud works such as drilling between the hours of 9.30am and 3.00pm.

What happens when the work involves a lot of noise and vibration?

Most installations and activities on this programme will happen within the lift shaft and as such the noise will be minimal. Should loud works need to be carried out outside of the lift shaft, they will only take place between the hours stated above. Work of this nature will be planned and discussed in advance with you, project managers and the contractors, to make sure support is provided and inconvenience is kept to an absolute minimum.

How will you manage the contractor?

Our selection process was quite vigorous and competitive and we selected a contractor with a strong track record of delivering lift projects within residential buildings. The contractor’s performance requirements are detailed within the contracts and will be managed by our Investment team throughout the entirety of the project.

Can I refuse to have these works carried out?

No, this work is mandatory and as your landlord, we are bound by our obligation to operate the lift systems safely by upgrading, renewing and replacing the lift systems to bring them up to the required standard. This does not mean that we will not take your comments into account, as there will be a consultation meeting to allow residents and leaseholders to make observations and raise any concerns. You will be informed of the details of the consultation meeting nearer the time.

Who do I contact for more information?

Investment Team
Tel: 01438 242666