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Local businesses can move to more environmentally sustainable business practices.

Accreditation and advice

The Green Achiever scheme offers environmental accreditation to businesses. If you are, or aspire to be a Green Business with Green Credentials, why not show your customers, suppliers, shareholders and anyone that’s interested in your business what you’re doing for the environment?

The International Institute for Sustainable Development have written a useful article about embedding sustainable business practices into your business.

Green Leases

Our Property and Estates department are currently undertaking a project relating to "greener leases" for all our commercial tenants.

The project involves reviewing green initiatives already undertaken by us for commercial tenants as well as exploring new opportunities. The project aims to develop new procedures and incentives to encourage “greener leases” without being too restrictive to existing or future commercial leaseholders.

With the current economic climate, any changes made to future leases will need to balance environmental benefits with the need to ensure leases remain competitive.

For further information, please contact the Assistant Estates Surveyor on 01438 242821.