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Are you living next to a noise nightmare?

This information is aimed at helping people who are suffering from noise problems. It provides advice and guidance in situations where we may not be taking legal action, and tells you what you can do when you have noise problems.

Noise can make life a misery. Noisy neighbours, traffic, industry, aircraft, building sites and barking dogs are just some of the problems that can cause problems.

Many noise problems, such as those with neighbours, can be sorted out without involving the council. If this approach does not work, then you may need to ask us for some help.

Make a complaint online

 You can complete an online form.

Make a complaint about excessive noise - opens new window

How else can I make a complaint?

As well as via an online form, you can make a complaint in the following ways:

What information do I need to give you?

  • Your name and address and, where possible, your telephone number and email address.
  • The address, or site, where the noise is coming from
  • The type of noise – eg barking dogs, loud music
  • When the noise happens
  • How long the noise lasts for (this can be done by keeping a written record of when you hear the noise or using the Noise App)
  • The effect that the noise has on you (eg not being able to sleep)
  • Anything that you have done to try and deal with the problem, for example talking to the person who is making the noise.

We do not pass on details of the person who is making the complaint, although sometimes they make a guess and ask if it was you. If a case goes to Court then you may be asked to appear as a witness.

Please note that we are unable to follow up complaints where the caller will not give their name and address.

Noise outside of office hours

We do not operate an out of hours noise service. You can make a recording using the Noise App.

If you have already reported the problem to us, please record the incident using the Noise App or on the incident log which we sent to you and contact the case officer on the next working day.

The Police may be able to assist if the noise is occurring in the street or is associated with anti-social behaviour.

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