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Electric vehicles (EV) are becoming more common place on our roads with each passing year and are likely, in time, to take over from petrol and diesel powered cars.

We recognise the important contribution that the transition to electric vehicles makes to limiting climate change and improving local air quality. We are keen to play our part, alongside the private sector, by making EV charging accessible to more people across the town.

We have:

  • two on Swingate
  • two in St Georges Multi-storey car park
  • one in The Forum car park
  • one in Primett Road car park

Each EVCP serves two parking spaces. We plan to double the number of EVCPs in the town centre car parks in the spring. However, so that we can reach a greater number of potential EV drivers across the town we are now proposing to install further EVCPs in car parks across the town at seven neighbourhood centres and one park.

These facilities are intended to provide a charging opportunity for local residents who might not have a driveway where they could charge an EV. Increasingly they will also serve visitors coming to visit friends and family in Stevenage. And facilities at neighbourhood shops will help to draw in customers to support those businesses. Initial feasibility studies have shown that there is not the space or the necessary power cables in every neighbourhood centre car park, but the following sites have been identified as being viable.

  • Bedwell shops
  • Archer Road
  • Oaks Cross
  • The Glebe
  • Filey Close shops
  • The Hyde
  • Canterbury Way
  • St Nicholas Park pavilion

You can download the plan for each site below.

So that we can progress this project we will need to bid to the Department for Transport's Office for Zero Emission Vehicles for funding, so the outcome cannot be guaranteed. However, we want to find out what you think first. 

This survey closed on 4 April 2022.