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Free meals for school children during half term

The council will be giving out free meals to children during the October half term (26 - 30 October)

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Your local councillor reviews council services, puts forward proposals to improve their ward and makes decisions.

Community leaders

Councillors are elected every four years to represent your area; they will meet with other community groups to bring about positive change.

As community leaders they will listen to your concerns and direct you to someone that can help or progress the matter themselves 

Who is my Councillor?

If you are unsure about which ward you live in or who your local councillor is, please use our online search facility to find out.

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The Local Government Act 2010 requires councils to have one or more overview and scrutiny committees as part of their formal political management arrangements.

By connecting decision makers to residents and involving them, Scrutiny committees:

  • monitor council service delivery and performance;
  • review policies and practices;
  • call to account executive (cabinet) members and chief officers;
  • scrutinise external organisations and agencies; and
  • make recommendations to the borough on matters which affect residents.

They do not make decisions but try to influence decision makers by considering concerns and make suggestions on how services can be improved. For more information see 

Members' Allowances

Councillors are not paid a salary for their work, but they do receive allowances.

In accordance with the Local Authority's (Members' Allowances) (England) Regulation 15, details of the total sum paid to each recipient can be found on the Members' Allowances Scheme page.

Members Services

Members Services
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