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Powered by Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership, Herts Opportunities Portal (HOP), provides students, residents and employers wishing to upskill the resources they need to make informed career decisions and build a future talent pipeline.

HOP is the go-to portal for job opportunities, skills training and apprenticeships information and a beacon of excellence across the country.

As the premier gateway in Hertfordshire to find out about career path options, apprenticeships and work experience, HOP helps:

  • residents to access the information they need to make informed decisions on career path options including Further Education, Higher Education, professional qualifications, work experience and job opportunities;
  • employers to reach and recruit their future talent and upskill and provide progression opportunities for existing staff; and
  • training providers to tailor the local offer in order to meet current and future business needs.

As part of the support through Covid-19, HOP also provides the latest vacancies across Hertfordshire in a number of sectors including:

  • Food and necessary goods;
  • Distribution, Warehouse and Storage;
  • Utilities, Communication and Financial Services;
  • Health and Social Care;
  • Pharmaceuticals and medicines;
  • National and Local Government; and
  • NHS.

HOP also provides some helpful information and resources to support young people and their parents with information on schools, Further Education Colleges, Apprenticeship Programmes, GCSE and A Level assessment as well as bite size learning programmes for employers, parents and workers.