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Let us come to you!

If your business requires regular trade waste collections, we can offer a competitive service with the flexibility of no long-term contract, pick-up times to suit you, and sacks available where space is short.

Special or one-off trade waste collections are also available, and we offer free bins for regular collections. All our pricing is transparent, with no hidden costs and customers benefit from one single point of contact.

Please be advised that Business Rates do not cover the removal of waste from business premises.

We also collect the following waste:

  • Paper
  • Glass
  • Plastics
  • Cans
  • Cardboard
  • Asbestos

In addition to the above, we can offer an assessed collection service where we will give you a price for the removal of rubble and any large non-domestic items.


The commercial waste staff work very closely with the recycling officer. We can look at your waste stream and advise on recycling opportunities. We may be able to offer a recycling service that reduces your waste and collection costs whilst helping your company to stay green.

Two trade bins for commercial waste

Trade Bins

Our trade bins mean business! All our pricing is transparent with NO HIDDEN COSTS. Our prices are competitive and there is no obligation to be tied into a contract. The schedule will suit your needs and you can benefit from one point of contact. We have bins available in various shapes and sizes to meet your needs:

Refuse collection

Size of bin Height (cm) Width (cm) Depth (cm)
330 litres 1100 580 840
660 litres 1320 1265 740
1100 litres 1380 1270 1000

There are also bins available in sizes 240 and 660 litres for the following:

  • Plastic and metal can collection
  • Glass
  • Cardboard and paper
Where to find your trade waste bin sizes

The size of our larger trade waste bins is usually located in one of three positions as follows:

1) On the top of the bin at the front, right-hand corner, with the text facing upwards either on the corner of the lid or the bin itself.

2) On the front face of the bin in large characters towards the top right.

3) On the front face of the bin in large characters on the lower right third of the bin.

The sizes for the wheelie bins (black, red and blue) are on the top of the bin in the front, right-hand corner, with the text facing upwards next to the corner of the lid.

There are a few bins that do not have any sizing. If in doubt please ask.

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Seeing your waste off safely – The Law

Legally, all businesses must take reasonable steps to keep waste stored safely so that it’s not harmful to people or the environment and it must be disposed of either by a local authority or a licensed waste collection company. Please contact us if you need more legal information on the duty of care for businesses.

Drive in and drop off!

If your business has the means to transport commercial waste, it can be disposed of at the council’s waste transfer station in Cavendish Road, Stevenage provided you have a waste disposal licence.

Please contact us for more information. 

Road sweeping service

If you require a road sweeping service, small and large vehicles are available. Please ask.

Special trade collections

We can advise on how to dispose of waste (including details of local organisations offering waste collection services). We can also arrange for special collections of large amounts of waste or bulky materials from commercial premises for a fee.

Find out more

For advice on commercial waste collection and disposal or for a quote, please use the green button above or contact:

Commercial Waste and Recycling, Stevenage Borough Council Depot, Cavendish Road, Stevenage Herts.

Telephone: 01438 242931 or 07500 226431 Email: