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Check changes to trading with developing countries currently benefitting from the EU Generalised Scheme of Preferences

From January 2021, the UK will have its own Generalised Scheme of Preferences. Businesses importing goods from eligible developing countries will be able to get trade preferences through the UK’s new scheme. This means that you may be able to benefit from a reduction or removal of duty (tariffs) on imports from developing countries into the UK.

Look at guidance about trading with developing nations.

Use GOV.UK guidance to understand changes to trading with non EU countries from 1 January 2021 and check if the UK has negotiated a trade agreement with the country you will be trading with

Trading with countries outside the EU may change from January 2021.

Find out about trade continuity agreements the UK has signed and agreements that are still under discussion.

Businesses will be able to submit applications via the UK's new independent trade remedies system if they believe they are being injured by the effects of unfair trade practices or surges in imports

Familiarise yourself with the UK’s new trade remedies process on GOV.UK

From 1 January 2021, if you think your business has been injured by unfair import practices, you can submit an application to the UK’s new trade remedies system.

Create an account and register your interest in UK trade remedy investigations and reviews on the Trade Remedies Service.

For out about the UK trade remedies investigations process.

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