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Corporate Values

“The heart of a town lies in its people” and at Stevenage Borough Council our people are at the heart of what we do.

What we do at Stevenage Borough Council

  • We deliver excellent public services, for the best possible value for money, to the people of Stevenage. Some of those we provide services to are the most vulnerable in our society, and we care deeply about the difference we make to their lives every day.
  • We aim to improve the quality of life, life chances, and life choices, for all our residents in Stevenage.

Our Approach

We care passionately about our town and are committed to making a real difference to the lives of all our residents now, and into the future.

Our approach is driven by our values. These guide and inform everything we do; delivering our services, making Stevenage a great place to live, working with our partners, and ensuring our Council is an inspiring place for our staff to work.

Our People

We know that our success comes from the energy, commitment and determination of our staff. We expect high standards and are committed to the development of all our employees so that they continue to excel and improve. Our staff work as One Team and behave in line with our values.

We are Straightforward

Our positive behaviours include:

  • Reducing bureaucracy
  • Working smarter and in a more agile way
  • Contributing to the development of simplified and straightforward processes and procedures
  • Identifying and eliminating time consuming or wasteful practices
  • Thinking creatively about how tasks can be best achieved
  • Contributing to the identification of processes that may generate efficiency savings
  • Embracing technology where this supports increased productivity

We work hard not to:

  • Allow working practices to become outdated or out of step with organisational need.
  • Waste resources
  • Repeat mistakes, ignoring lessons learned
  • Retain resource intensive systems and structures that are considered a barrier to change

We are Innovative

Our positive behaviours include:

  • Seeking and suggesting new ways of doing things to improve service, value for money and performance
  • Being open to new ideas and suggestions
  • Taking responsibility for finding solutions and better ways of working
  • Actively seeking solutions to problems and seeing things through
  • Carefully considering any risks attached to proposed solutions
  • Encouraging others to contribute ideas and to work with us to find solutions

We work hard not to:

  • stick with outdated ways of working that are no longer effective
  • Be put off by uncertainty and risk
  • Forget about our future service needs.

We are One Team

Our positive behaviours include:

  • Actively contributing to team goals
  • Respecting and valuing the contributions of others
  • Cooperating with other teams to provide excellent services
  • Sharing knowledge, experience and achievements with the team
  • Accepting compromises in order to achieve shared aims

We work hard not to:

  • Fuel conflict between individuals or teams
  • Insult, blame or exclude others
  • Dismiss the views or ideas of others
  • Fail to recognise the contributions of others
  • Work to our own agenda

We are Responsive

Our positive behaviours include:

  • Remaining courteous, helpful and professional in our dealings with our customers
  • Demonstrating an understanding of who our customers are and why they matter
  • Doing what we say we’ll do. Explaining clearly what service can be delivered and being committed to seeing things through
  • Seeking and acting on customer opinion and feedback

We work hard not to:

  • Be disrespectful or unhelpful to customers
  • Ignore customer feedback
  • Keep customers waiting
  • Fail to recognise our colleagues as internal customers deliver excellent services
  • Fail to keep our promises

We are Caring

Our positive behaviours include:

  • Actively and respectfully listening to people in order to understand them and their views
  • Varying our behaviour to help those we are working with
  • Presenting information clearly and in a way that people understand
  • Respecting the views of others and considering the impact of our words and actions
  • Valuing diversity and treating everyone with dignity and respect

We work hard not to:

  • Forget to adapt our communication to meet customer needs
  • Cause misunderstanding and confusion by not listening
  • Use technical language with non-technical people
  • Say “no” with no explanation or support


Our Positive behaviours include:

  • Striving to deliver our services to the highest possible standards
  • Being open to feedback from others so that we can improve our performance
  • Making the best use of our personal strengths and acknowledging our development needs
  • Taking responsibility for our own learning
  • Applying both skill and knowledge to our work
  • Learning from both positive and negative experiences

We work hard not to:

  • Dismiss objective feedback without due consideration
  • Refuse or fail to take up opportunities to learn and develop
  • Get stuck in a rut and stop trying to improve
  • Assume that training is the only solution to our development needs
  • Attend training without understanding the reason for going and what is to be achieved.