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During the current Covid-19 pandemic, our Community Development Team will be sharing information with Hertfordshire Adult Care and Children’s Services in identifying additional people in the local community who have been advised to self-isolate for at least 12 weeks.

We will also share information regarding people who don't meet our normal criteria for service, but who have become vulnerable because their normal support from family or friends has been affected. Specifically, we will process information in order to deliver food parcels to those identified as requiring this service.

We'll do this to ensure we can fulfil our statutory duties which relate to the whole of Hertfordshire during a period of increased risk to health and wellbeing. This information will be personal data of individuals so that we know who to offer a service to, and how to get the service to them.

This is a temporary arrangement and at the end of the pandemic, we will securely dispose of any data held about people who no longer require our services.

Our lawful basis for processing the data is that it is part of our public task and official authority, under the Care Act 2014, Childrens Act 1989, and Health and Social Care Act 2012. Additionally, for the duration of the pandemic it is a task in the substantial public interest and in line with government requirements.

If you have any concerns about the use of your information, please contact Daryl Jedowski by calling 01438 242918 or email,