We implement measures and work with local communities and agencies to reduce the impact of vandalism in local areas.

This is a multi-agency approach to preventing/reducing vandalism within the area, and promotes community involvement in tackling those responsible. The Council works in partnership with CCTV, Police Community Support Officers, Neighbourhood Watch, Residents Groups and Individuals to try to tackle this problem.

We also carry out environmental changes such as improved street lighting and target hardening and can provide advice and information on measures, which can be taken by individuals to deter vandals and how to notify the council about incidents of vandalism. Where the vandalism has taken place on Council owned property the council will carry out repairs. Requests will also be made to other service providers to carry out repairs on their property as soon as possible.

If you would like to report any acts of vandalism to council property, private property or street furniture, please use the contact details on the right.


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