Street Care and Cleaning

The Council maintains the cleanliness and tidiness of streets and street furniture.


  • Abandoned vehicles
    The council will deal with any vehicles reported as abandoned on land in the open air maintained at public expense (and on private property upon request/authorisation).
  • Blocked drains
    We can provide help and advice on highway drainage, land drainage or private drainage and may arrange for clearance of a blocked drain.
  • Dead animals
    Stevenage Borough Council is responsible for removing dead animals from land maintained by us. Hertfordshire Council Council are responsible for removing dead animals from public highways.
  • Dog fouling
    Under the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996, any person who permits a dog that is in their charge to foul any area to which the public has access is committing an offence.
  • Environmental fixed penalty notices
    Stevenage Borough Council Environmental Enforcement officers can issue fixed penalty notices for a wide range of offences, including dropping litter, graffiti, failing to clear dog mess and abandoning vehicles.
  • Flyposting
    Stevenage Borough Council is responsible for the removal of illegally posted advertisements, leaflets etc on council property.
  • Fly tipping
    Fly tipping is the illegal dumping of items. If your waste is fly tipped, by you or by someone else on your behalf, you could face a £400 fixed penalty notice or an unlimited fine.
  • Graffiti
    Members of the public can report graffiti to the Council.
  • Litter bins
    Dropping litter in public places is an offence and subject to a fixed penalty fine of £75.
  • Road spillages
  • Public toilets
  • Street cleaning programme
  • Street furniture
    Provision and maintenance of street furniture such as seating, decorative lighting, cycle racks etc. to enhance local public areas.
  • Street litter (including street sweeping)
  • Vandalism
  • Syringes
  • Market cleaning
  • Unauthorised encampments
    Unauthorised Encampments on Stevenage Borough Council Land.
  • Caravans on streets