Active Herts


Stevenage Borough Council is working with partners to help improve the health and wellbeing of residents.

Physical inactivity is the fourth leading cause of global mortality and ill-health. The incidence of heart disease, cancer and Type II diabetes could all be decreased if people were more active. The British Heart Foundation calculates that inactivity in Stevenage alone costs the UK economy £1.2 million per year. Through a partnership of organisations, a new programme addressing inactivity has just been launched.

Talk to us about getting active

We know that getting active can be difficult so our local, friendly and professional Get Active Specialists can help you get started.

Our team are highly qualified and experienced health and fitness professionals with a focus on helping people to improve their health and wellbeing through physical activity.

You will work together through a series of free 1:1 consultations, to set a personal plan of action that will make it simple for you to fit physical activity into your daily life. Our Get Active Specialists will help to find a fun and friendly activity to suit you, based on your fitness level and interests.

From free walks to badminton, from dance to swimming, they will help find the right thing for you.

Is Active Herts right for you?

We would love you to join the Active Herts programme, but please make sure you can answer ‘yes’ to the following questions.

  • Do you currently do less than 30 minutes of physical activity or sport per week?
  • Are you over the age of 16?
  • Do you live in the borough of Stevenage?

To get started, contact your local Get Active Specialist by phone or email to book your first appointment, at a time to suit you.


Hannah Marsh
Mobile: 07766 160149