Pavements and pathways maintenance and obstructions

Depending on the problem or enquiry you have about pavement and pathway maintenance and obstruction, it may be Stevenage Borough Council, Hertfordshire County Council, or the Police that can help you.

Issues to report to Stevenage Borough Council

Please report the following to us

  • Obstruction of dropped kerbs and vehicles parked on waiting restrictions e.g. yellow lines (if no restrictions, then see Police below).
  • Rubbish and fouling of the streets
  • Damaged or illegible street name plates
  • Damaged pavements and roads in the town centre

Please see these individual pages for the appropriate part of the Council to contact:

Issues to report to Hertfordshire County Council

  • dangerous paving
  • damaged footpath
  • damaged carriageway
  • highway signs (not including street name plates)
  • public utility trench works, for example BT, Nynex, SEC etc, including those without proper barriers
  • winter gritting
  • private hedge/tree overhanging footpath
  • Obstruction such as:
    • advertising A-boards
    • a skip or scaffolding is obstructing the pavement
    • building work is affecting pedestrian safety
    • building materials are blocking the pavement an advertising board is blocking the pavement
    • banners or bunting is causing an obstruction

Hertfordshire County Council
0300 123 4047

Issues to report to the Police

Vehicles parked causing an obstruction should be reported to the Police.  The exception to this is where there is also a waiting restriction (e.g. yellow lines) on the adjacent roadway, in which case the nuisance should be reported to Stevenage Borough Council (see above)

Hertfordshire Constabulary
Non-Emergency number: 101 or 01707 354000 (in emergency always call 999).


Report online

Report repeated obstruction of the highway to us online 

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