Stevenage Even Better

In 1946, Stevenage set the way for modern urban living in the UK. People came here to see, and be seen, in Stevenage.

More than 60 years on, our town, and particularly its central areas, need redevelopment. The growth of online retail amongst other factors has led to a shift in the way people live and shop, and our town must adapt accordingly.

Along with our development partners we are introducing a mixed-use regeneration scheme designed to transform the town and create a place where people once again want to live, work, relax and play.

Message from Sharon Taylor OBE, Leader of the Councilimage of councillor Sharon Taylor leader of the council

"This is an exciting time for Stevenage and the future of our town. The signing of our deals with Mace and Reef highlight our ambitious vision for Stevenage as we grow our town and improve the services, environment and facilities we currently offer to residents. We’ve seen a number of projects already completed in our town centre including Market Place, Skyline, Park Place, Vista Tower and the updating of our public spaces and we have exciting plans in place to transform the existing bus interchange which will improve connectivity and wider links across the town and the surrounding areas. We’ve opened a brand new visitor in the town square so residents can learn what is planned and share their ideas with us. The regeneration will be transformational, and drive significant, positive change for our town centre. We’re delighted to launch this 20-year, £1bn programme and can’t wait to see what the future holds for Stevenage."

For more information about the Regeneration of Stevenage Town Centre, head to our Stevenage Even Better website or check out @StevenageBetter on Twitter and Instagram