Building the town

The main development period for Stevenage New Town was between 1946 and theOld-Housing-Pic_002 winding-up of the Development Corporation in 1980. 22,400 homes were built in this period, the overwhelming majority being for rent. The pace of development has slowed considerably since then, with an average of 218 new homes per annum being built in the ten years to 2011.

For the future, the Borough Council is facing a highly challenging housing target of in excess of 7,000 new homes to be delivered by 2031.

New-HousingOur most recent Strategic Land Availability Assessment (SLAA) suggests we might have capacity for 820 homes on 25 (mostly small) brownfield sites. This is in addition to the 1,000 homes already built or permitted. With the right support, there may be potential for 2,700 homes in and around the town centre.

This still leaves a significant short-fall against the 7,000 homes target. Consequently, the Borough Council is forced to consider the potential that could be realised from three urban extensions.