Missed bins

Please note that due to the changes to the way we collect your cardboard, your recycling collection times may have altered.

Your blue box for card and paper is now being collected separately to the red and black boxes.

Before reporting a missed collection, please check:

  • It is after 3pm on your collection day
  • Your bin/box was out by 7am
  • Your bin/box was on the property boundary
  • It was the correct collection day
  • It was not stickered due to contamination
  • It is within 2 working days of the missed collection

If the above apply you can report it using the online form below or call us on 01438 242323. We will endeavour to collect your missed bin within 2 working days.

If you do not report it within 2 working days you will need to wait until your next collection or take your waste to a Household Waste Recycling Centre.


If the collection crews find your bins or boxes contain something it should not, the contents will not be removed. A sticker detailing the nature of the contaminating item(s) will be placed on the bin/box to let you know why it was not collected.

Please remove any items which are not accepted and present your bin for collection on your next scheduled collection day. We will not return to empty your bin/box before the next scheduled day.


Compostable bags

Compostable bags for food waste can be paper bags or the corn starch type. Corn starch compostable bags look like they are made from plastic but because they are corn starch they compost in the process and do not contaminate the compost produced at the end.

They are a good way to contain all types of food waste; they are clean, reduce smells and the likelihood of maggots, and can be bought from most major supermarkets, larger convenience stores and a number of online suppliers. Only bags with the seed logo maybe used.

There are many other online suppliers which can be found by typing 'compostable bag supplier' into your search engine.

Remember: Look out for the seed logo as no other bags can be used in your brown binCompostable-Logo and you should buy 5 - 7litre bags to fit your caddy.



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