Request recycling bins / boxes

Please note

New recycling / refuse bins and boxes are taking up to six weeks to be delivered.

You can collect replacement bins, bags and caddies from Cavendish reception. However, to ensure the safety of our residents and staff a booking system has been introduced, call 01438 242323 to book your collection time.

Please do not come to our Cavendish Road depot if you don't have a appointment, you will be asked to return at another date and time when a booking has been made.

Additional or replacement bins and boxes

Please note there is a maximum of one refuse bin allocated to each property (except in exceptional circumstances). There is no maximum number of recycling boxes, within reason.

If your bin has gone missing or is damaged you can report it and a replacement will be delivered. If you subsequently find your lost bin, please inform the council so that we can arrange a pick-up for one of the bins.

Wheelie bins and recycling boxes are expensive items. Please reduce the chance of them being stolen by:

  • keeping your bins/boxes within your property boundary
  • marking your bins/boxes with your house number

To order additional or replacement bins or boxes use the link below.

Please note that delivery times for bins/boxes vary according to staff availability and can on occasion be quite long. Alternatively you can collect from our Cavendish road depot: Cavendish Road, Stevenage, Herts, SG1 2ET

Order additional or replacement bins or boxes

Larger and smaller bins

By recycling, your refuse bin should be large enough for most households. If you would like a smaller bin, please contact us and we will arrange to change your bin.
A larger wheeled bin maybe issued to households that have 5 or more people permanently living at the address. Consideration will also be given in other exceptional circumstances. Once your application has been returned and approved, a larger wheeled bin will be delivered to your property and your smaller wheeled bin will be removed. Please be aware that a spot check can be carried out to ensure you are recycling all possible materials.

To apply for a different sized refuse bin please use the link below.

Order a different sized wheelie bin

Alternatively you can contact our Customer Services Centre on 01438 242323.

Leaving your bins outside of your property boundary


A-Z of recycling materials


Free refuse & recycling reminder service

Your next refuse or recycling collection

Request for a recycling box or replacement bin

Report a missed bin

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