How does the service work?

  • Your black wheeled bin for your refuse is collected every other week and all your recycling boxes (red, blue, brown and black) are collected the week in between.
  • Only waste contained within your refuse bin will be collected, additional recycling will be collected if separated and contained appropriately (no black sacks).
  • Please put your bins or boxes on the boundary of your property by 7am on the day of your collection but not before 7pm the night before. Please return emptied bins or boxes to your property at the earliest opportunity.
  • Residents who continually leave their bins and boxes out at times other then their collection period risk enforcement action being taken. Bins and recycling boxes stored on the town’s pavements can impact negatively upon the local environment, pose an obstruction and be a potential arson risk.

Flat Collections

For Stevenage residents who live in flat blocks, refuse is generally collected weekly and recycling (where applicable) is collected fortnightly. Collections are dependant on each block, for more information on a particular address please contact our Customer Services Centre on 01438 242323.

Service disruptionsRefuse freighter in the snow

Where there are planned disruptions to your usual collection day, for example due to a bank holiday, this is marked on your collection calendar and on the online checker.

Should there be an unplanned service disruption, for example due to wintery conditions, we will advise residents via this website, those signed up via the email and text service and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

House to house clothing collections

Please be aware that there are some companies operating in Stevenage who state they are collecting clothes for charity or that they will give a percentage of their profits to charity and do not. Although there are legitimate companies/charities collecting clothes, please be aware that not all companies are what they say.

Some ways of telling are:

  • poor English written on the sack that they supply
  • stating they are a registered charity but not providing the registration number
  • no telephone number or contact details on the sack

All companies/charities who undertake house collections are required to register with the Council. If you have any suspicions about the company/charity, please contact the council on 01438 242242 and ask to speak to Committee Services.

They will be able to tell you whether the company/charity has registered with the Council. If they have not, then they should not be collecting clothes within the borough.

One way of always making sure your clothes go to a charity is to drop your clothes off at a charity shop.

Alternatively you can make use of the many clothes banks in the town. To locate your nearest recycling bank click on the link: Recycling Banks


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