Play Strategy

We recognise that children need a range of opportunities to grow and fulfil their potential and that play is an essential ingredient in that development.

Both the Play Strategy and Policy have been developed in consultation with children, parents and carers and service providers in the voluntary and statutory sectors.

Stevenage Play Strategy

The strategy provides a framework for implementing Stevenage's vision and policy.

There are seven objectives for the Play Strategy:

  • develop an infrastructure for play
  • implement the Play Policy commitments and the Play Strategy
  • raise the profile of play in Stevenage
  • ensure that play opportunities are accessible to all children
  • develop the quality of play opportunities
  • increase the quality of outdoor play opportunities for children
  • develop dialogue and engagement

Our Play Policy encapsulates our vision for play for children in Stevenage.

Stevenage is committed to:

  • all children’s right to play (The right to play)
  • understanding and promoting the benefits of play (The benefits of play)
  • ensuring all children have access to play opportunities (Access to play opportunities)
  • ensuring that the creation and design of play spaces are relevant to children’s play needs (Play spaces)
  • providing good quality play opportunities (Good quality play opportunities)
  • working in partnership (Working together)
  • engaging with all those affected by play or providing for play (Dialogue and engagement)


Stevenage Play Strategy - Executive Summary

Stevenage Play Strategy - Full Version

Stevenage Play Policy - Executive Summary

Stevenage Play Policy - Full Version

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