'Tell us what you think' - consultation programme

What is consultation?

Consultation is a way of gathering views, getting feedback on projects, activities, equipment and how well we do things. You may have been involved before when we asked you to fill in a ‘Did you enjoy your session?' and graffiti boards.

Why do we need to consult with children and young people?

Each local authority is required by law to under the Children Act 2004 to consult with children and young people about the play services we offer you. We also want to go beyond this duty to develop good practice and find out what you think about your experience at the play centre and play schemes. More importantly we want to find out how we can improve your experience and improve outcomes for you and your families.

Many of the decisions are made by adults, and children and young people’s thoughts and feelings are often not considered or even part of the process, although the choices made will have a big impact on their lives now and in their futures. Children and young people’s participation is vital in order to improve and develop services to meet their needs.

Benefits for you

Being consulted and participating in decision-making helps children and young people gain a better understanding of their own wants and needs, and how these can be expressed to adults. You can become involved in decision-making, bringing direct benefits to you and the experiences you and your friends have at the play centres. You can gain by learning skills such as teamwork, negotiating, problem solving and debating.

You will find out how policy is made and how Stevenage Borough Council Play services works. You can learn to engage with adults and partners, meet new friends and your confidence and self-esteem may grow through participation.

Ways to get involved

There are lots of ways to get your view and opinions heard:

Over the next year we are running a programme called “Tell us what you think?” There will be lots of opportunities for you and your friends to get involved, and work with us to make your play services even better. We will be looking lots of things to do with the play centres, including your ideas for new equipment, activities and our play associations. Each play centre has a children’s play association where children and staff meet to talk about new equipment ideas, fund raising, plan events and feedback on how well the play centre is doing, if you are interested in joining, please speak to a play worker.