Poop Scoop Byelaws

Removal of Canine Faeces

Every person (other than a registered blind person) in charge of a dog is responsible for the removal of any faeces deposited by the dog, any person found not removing faeces shall be guilty of an offence and liable of a fine.

In the interest of health and hygiene please do not allow your to exercise on areas where sports are played.

Did you know....?Zak-Web

Toxocariasis is a parasitic infection caused by a helminth parasite - the round worm that can infect dogs and cats. Transmission to people occurs as the parasite is passed from the faeces of a domestic dog or domestic cat to either a child or young adult. Infection in people who are undergoing medical treatment that affects their immune system can also be vulnerable to toxocariasis infection.

There are three main forms of illness that can occur in someone infected by toxocara. There is a very mild form, a generalised form in which the parasite damages several body organs and the specific type in which the worm only grows in the eye and optic nerve. This type of toxocariasis can cause blindness. In some cases of children with toxocara eye infections, they are initially thought to have eye tumours, as some of the signs and symptoms are similar.
Toxocariasis is spread in the faeces (stools) of infected dogs. To prevent the spread of the infection, dog-owners should always dispose of dog faeces in a responsible way.



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