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We currently manage around 60 equipped, unsupervised play areas throughout the town. Over the next few years we will be investing almost £1.5 million to improve play areas across the town. For more information about this use the link below:

Inspection and maintenance

All play areas are visited twice a week to remove all litter and broken glass. Some “hotspot” play areas will also be visited at the weekend to clear any litter or glass from the site.

All play equipment is inspected once a week to make sure that it is safe for continued use. 

If we receive reports of broken glass, damaged equipment, etc between the scheduled visits we will arrange for the play area to be visited again, within one working day to resolve the problem.

Each year all play areas receive an independent inspection to make sure that they meet the British and European safety standards.


Sometimes damaged play equipment can be repaired straight away.  If this is not possible then the damaged item will be immobilised until it is possible to do the repair.

If the repair requires the replacement of a standard item that is held in stock, a repair will be carried out within 2 working days. The replacement of a swing seat is a good example of this type of repair.

Repairs requiring a non-standard item will take longer as parts will usually have to be ordered. In these cases we will try to complete repairs within 8 weeks, but this is dependent on the delivery time from our suppliers.

Occasionally, an item of equipment will be so badly damaged that it will cost more to repair the item than it is reasonably worth. The equipment will therefore be removed.

To report a problem with a play area please complete the online report form. Your report will be investigated, and work carried out as indicated about.



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